Looking Forward

Currently, Abamedia is in simultaneous production in the USA and Russia on multiple documentaries and media projects as a part of the “Fort Ross Bicentennial Media Project”: showcasing the extraordinary living history of Fort Ross, California — the first Imperial Russian settlement in America. Generous sponsors and clients of this initiative include Viktor Vekselberg’s Links of Time Foundation, the Renova Fort Ross Foundation, and the Fort Ross Conservancy, Inc.

Concurrently, Abamedia has consulted to, and is partnered with, the Computer History Museum (CHM) of Mountain View, California, in the development of new media programming aimed at international media outlets. Our collaboration also includes several, non-broadcast-oriented projects in development, including the first steps towards a planned archive of Soviet Computer Pioneers at the museum. Funded by the Russian Venture Company of Moscow and Boston, the archive will feature still-living participants of Soviet era technology telling their stories on high-definition video for the first-time; to the benefit of future generations of historians, technology buffs and future documentary filmmakers.